4 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving a Safe Yourself

Written by Robert Laukaitis


Posted on July 12 2023

Some people learn things the hard way. Then there are those who prefer to learn from others’ mistakes. This applies to everything from selling a car to interviewing for a job. 

Security is no exception.

For example, there’s a right way and a wrong way to move a bulky item like a home safe. If you're considering a DIY safe move, here are some techniques to avoid at all cost.

  1. Underestimating the Weight

Safes are heavy and can weigh several hundred pounds or more. People often underestimate the weight of the safe and end up straining their backs (or injuring themselves in another way) during the move. Be sure to consult with a safe professional to determine how much help you’ll need. Moving a safe is a two-person job, at the very least. But the more people you have to move it, the less you’ll risk injury or damaging the safe.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Equipment

Another common mistake is not choosing proper equipment. Consider a heavy-duty dolly, straps or a hoist. If you don’t have any of these tools, it might be best to consider hiring a professional to move and install your safe, as they will usually have the necessary equipment to do their job. Not using the right equipment can make the move much more difficult (and also risk injury or damage to your home, business or the safe itself).

  1. Not Planning the Route

“Measure twice, cut once” is a common saying. It’s important to prepare for a big safe move, which includes measuring the safe itself and the route where you’ll transport it. Make sure there is enough clearance where you’re putting it and remove any obstacles along the way. Pay special attention to stairs, narrow hallways and doorways, as these are parts of the route that typically cause issues. The more you plan, the less you risk having to move the safe multiple times or failing to even reach your desired location for the safe.

  1. Not Securing the Safe Properly

It’s important to secure the safe properly, both during the move and after it’s placed in your desired location. For the relocation, you want to ensure it doesn’t fall off the equipment you’re using. For the placement, you want to ensure it’s mounted properly so it doesn’t tip over (especially if it’s in an area that children access). A professional locksmith or safe technician can give you additional guidance on how to best secure the safe you’re moving.

While knowing these four mistakes to avoid while moving a safe yourself is important, this list is not limited to these and there’s also the value you’d receive by working with a company that already has all the equipment, knowledge and staff to handle your safe move. Maybe you have a low-bed trailer ideal for moving the safe and you’re prepared to bolt your safe down. Now couple in your own labor and likely the labor of a friend and you can easily see where the value proposition is of working with a safe-moving company even if you’re able to avoid these common mistakes when moving a safe yourself.

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