5 Must-Have Accessories for Every Safe Owner

Written by Robert Laukaitis


Posted on October 20 2022

In today’s world where many products have a confusing amount of companion products, there are certain accessories that actually help people use a product more effectively. Then there are accessories that aren’t necessary to the original product fulfilling its purpose.

How do you know which is which? 

When it comes to safes at least, we can help. If you own a home safe (especially one you’re using for firearm storage), you should know which accessories are necessary and which you can do without. Let's go over the safe accessories you should prioritize on your wish list.

  1. Dehumidifiers

Probably the No. 1 must-have accessory if you’re storing a firearm, dehumidifiers keep condensation from settling (and usually rusting) on metal. This maintains the life of whatever metal item you’re storing, ensuring your firearm functions as well when you pull it out of the gun safe as it did before you stored it in the safe. There are dehumidifiers available in several sizes and styles (e.g. desiccants, rods, rechargeables, etc.), so choose one that fits your space, maintenance and usage needs.

  1. Interior Lights

Safes are dark by design. To see corners and the back of your safe, a lighting kit may be in order. Especially beneficial at night, interior lighting can be combined with mirrors to help you see every area of the safe. You can go with one that a manufacturer specifically designed for your model, or go with a universal option. 

  1. Exterior Lights

In addition to lights inside the safe, consider lights outside the safe. You want to be able to quickly access your safe at night, so if it’s under your bed or in the closet corne, make sure you have proper illumination (motion-tracking is a smart choice here). At the very least, ensure you can see the lock or combination pad if yours is not illuminated.

  1. Organizers

Perhaps you have accessories or ammunition for your firearms. Or, you own multiple firearms and other valuables. An organizer can help you keep things nice, tidy and accessible in your safe. There are handgun hangers, door panel organizers, rifle organization compartments, drawers and more. 

  1. Mounting Kit

While we’re adding this to the accessory list, if you don’t want the potential of your safe walking off then a mounting kit should rather be thought of as part of the cost of the safe. There are two big benefits to mounting or anchor kits: 1, they keep the safe from tipping over; and 2, they make the safe more difficult to steal. A mounting kit also lets you secure and store the safe by fastening to a wall or ceiling - you have more options than just bolting to the ground. 

If you’re interested in a home safe or safe accessory, browse our online shop today or stop by one of our DFW-area locations and we’ll answer any questions you may have.