A Tour of the New A-1 Locksmith Shop Website

Written by Robert Laukaitis


Posted on August 18 2021

With our  new online shop, we're making it easier than ever to improve or maintain the security of your valuables with a quality safe. Let's go over a few of the main features of this new website that you need to know about.

Liberty Safes

Liberty Safes is America’s most trusted safe brand for a reason and we specialize in selling, maintaining and installing them at A-1 Locksmith Security and Safes. Now, with our new online store, you can shop from the comfort of your own home and figure out the pricing and features that match your budget. Here are the different Liberty Safes we offer:

  • Large safes
  • Small safes
  • Vault doors
  • Compact vaults
  • Accessories

Store Locator

While our online shop makes it easier to order security upgrades from your couch, a visit to one of our several Dallas-Fort Worth locations is sometimes in order. If not to actually pick up or purchase your product, to at least see and feel the products and get a consultation or meet some of our friendly team members. In this section of our website, you can find the A-1 location closest to you.

Which Safe Is Right for You?

When it comes to purchasing a safe for the first time (or to upgrade your safe or purchase an additional safe) Many people get tripped up in the beginning stages. The number of options, features and different pricing can be overwhelming. Never fear, this section of the website is here. It includes a short quiz that will help you decide.

Learning Center

To further your safe knowledge, we have several different resources that will give you even more details and industry knowledge. This includes sections on safe delivery, fire protection levels (and the meaning behind these ratings), security levels and mechanical vs. electronic safes. 


Home safes can be a significant investment, especially if you opt for high-security features or larger models. The good news is that we have flexible financing options where we don’t charge you late fees or penalties, you choose the payment schedule and we tell you all costs up front. This page covers all of the details.

About Us

Get to know our company! A-1 Locksmith Security and Safes is the largest Liberty Safe dealer in Texas and has been serving the DFW Metroplex since 1949 and is one of the top family-run locksmith companies in the country. Learn more about our story on this page.

Not sure what you want? Stop by any of our  Dallas-Fort Worth locations today and we’ll be happy to give you a consultation.