How Professionals Deliver Home Safes Upstairs

Written by Robert Laukaitis


Posted on June 14 2022

Why are professionals so good at what they do? Well, because they’re professionals - in other words, they’re good enough at a field to charge for it. This creates a dynamic in that a business simply being open is one good indicator that they are good at what they do. Same dynamic with a professional still being employed. 

If you’re not a professional, however, you should think twice before you tackle something outside your area of expertise. Home safe delivery is one such area.

We often get asked how we deliver big, bulky safes in hard-to-reach locations. In this post and video, we take a look at a 650-pound Liberty Franklin Model Safe we successfully delivered to a customer who wanted it on the second floor.

Watch the video, and/or read about it below.


Key Components for Safe Delivery

When it comes to home safe delivery, there are a few best practices to consider, whether you’re doing it yourself (with help) or hiring a professional. Here are some of the key components for home safe delivery:

  • Reachable location: the safe has to fit in the space and the path to the space.
  • Proper weight: the space needs to support the 50-500+ pounds of the safe.
  • Experience: whoever is moving it needs to know what they’re doing.
  • Multiple people: bigger safes especially shouldn’t be moved alone, even with a dolly.
  • Mitigated risk: whether it’s for personal injury or property damage.

Is Delivery or Pickup the Best Option?

The two main factors with this decision are: the size of the safe and the difficulty in delivery. As for the size of the home safe, many people can handle 100 pounds or less with a dolly (assuming no or few obstacles). Anything more than that requires two people and some practical knowledge. So if you’re confident in both of those departments, picking up your safe yourself might be the best option.

If the safe is approaching 200 or 300 pounds (or more), it might require professional equipment and experience. The difficulty of reaching where you want the safe delivered might also require an expert’s strategy, whether it’s up stairs, around corners or past obstacles. (Though be aware an extra fee may be charged for difficult delivery situations like this.) 

How A-1 Safe Delivery Works

At A-1 Locksmith Security and Safes, we pride ourselves in professional, efficient and safe home delivery for our safe options. This includes hiring and training professional team members, using advanced equipment and providing extra security with ropes and/or cords. Finally, we are insured and bonded to provide even more peace of mind.

Need a safe delivered? Interested in purchasing a safe? Contact the team at A-1 Locksmith Security and Safes today and we’ll answer any questions you may have.