Safe Not Working? 4 Things To Check Before Calling a Pro

Written by Robert Laukaitis


Posted on December 07 2022

In today’s world of instant gratification, it’s tempting to call a professional every time something in your house needs to be fixed. While we love helping customers with safe purchases and repairs, you don't have to call a professional locksmith or safe company every time you experience an issue with your home safe

If you do identify an issue, you’ll know how to approach next steps and if a DIY repair is feasible. But you might need to call a pro anyway. Before you do, here are four common trouble areas to check:

  1. Coding Issue

If your safe is in a commercial environment, there’s a chance the owner has codes he or she can give to certain people to access the safe. When this happens, the code can be accidentally deactivated or changed. A good way to know whether there is a coding issue is to have someone with another code (preferably the business owner) try to access the safe. If they can, there’s likely an issue with your code. If they can’t, there might be a bigger problem.

  1. Battery Life

Another simple issue—akin to turning a computer on and off again to reset it—is when the safe battery dies. Many safes these days use batteries to operate the keypad, unlock the safe and other functions. Replacing the batteries is an obvious way to test whether this is the problem, but other signs that can tip you off include a display that isn’t working, or a display that still lights up while the safe won’t open. If you replace the batteries and there’s still a problem, it might be time to call a professional.

  1. Security Features

Many safes these days have advanced security features that let you do everything from access the safe with a fingerprint to lock down in case of too many failed access attempts. The latter can happen if you use the wrong code a few times, in which case you simply need to wait a while before trying to access it again (give it at least 30 minutes to be sure). It’s also possible you may be entering the wrong code, so ensure that is correct as well before calling a professional.

  1. Electronics / Wiring

Finally, there could be wiring issues messing with the safe’s electronics. The wires in your safe are like wires in other electronics in that they can wear down or become damaged/dead over time. If you do diagnose this is your issue, it’s almost always a necessity to call a professional locksmith to open it again and give you access to your safe. A locksmith can also help you diagnose the issue to begin with if you’re wanting to streamline to a solution.

Whether you need a safe repair or are interested in a new safe purchase, A-1 Locksmith is ready to serve. Give us a call or start shopping online today.