Liberty Safe Warranty Registration

Quality, service, and reliability are only as good as the company standing behind it. Liberty's lifetime warranty with free replacement is worth its weight in gold. Liberty will cover the cost of repair or replacement if your UL listed Liberty safe ever experiences a fire or attempted break-in.

Liberty Safe's Lock Warranty

Each Liberty safe comes with a 5-year warranty on the lock. There are also very affordable extended warranty options if you'd like to be covered for 15 years to life.

If you have purchased your safe within the last 12 months, and the safe is not more than 24 months past the manufacture date, you can extend your lock warranty. You have two options, you can purchase an additional 10 years for just $69, or get a lifetime warranty for $129.

Liberty's Lifetime Safe Warranty

All Liberty Safe bodies come with a transferable lifetime warranty. What does that mean? It means that if you sell your safe (so that you can upgrade to a bigger Liberty, of course!), or you hand it down to your kids or grandkids someday, it's still covered by the original warranty.

Liberty Safe's warranty protects you in the event of a fire or attempted break in. If that happens, here's what their warranty includes:

  • Repairs for your damaged safe
  • Replacing your safe if it's too damaged to be repaired
  • Shipping costs to send your new safe out
  • Delivery and installation costs for your new safe
  • If your safe was damaged enough to be put in lockout mode, they'll pay a professional (like A-1 Locksmith) to come open it up for you
  • Removal of your old safe

Don't put it off, register your new Liberty safe by following this link.


Disclaimer: The information on this page is presented for illustrative purposes and is based on information provided by the manufacturer. This is not a warranty document. In case of a discrepancy between this page and the manufacturer's website, the manufacturer's website and policy will prevail.