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1878 Clamshell Vault Door

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Elevate your security and style with Browning 1878 Clamshell Vault Door, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and innovation. Designed to be the ultimate safeguard for your most valuable possessions, this door combines the timeless allure of 19th-century aesthetics with state-of-the-art security features to create an unmatched fusion of form and function

The 1878 Clamshell vault door is available in both out-swing and in-swing, ensuring there's an option to meet everyone's needs. The 1878 Vault door is the perfect solution for anyone who has "more than a few guns" in their collection and a typical gun safe isn't quite big enough. 

Like with all Browning Vault Doors, the 1878 Clamshell Vault door allows you to build in a Browning security level into any room. The Browning 1878 features a metal glaze finish, cast iron wheel handle, and your choice of mechanical, electronic, or biometric lock.


83"(H) X 42-3/4"(W)
800 lbs.
Frame 7-Gauge steel
Fire Protection  1-7/8" fire-resistant insulation in the door
Locking Bolts 24
Hardware Round Cast Iron Handle
Other Internal lock release to open the door within


Installation Details

Designed to fit a variety of wall types and installation requirements. The minimum rough door opening for the clamshell vault is 82"x40". Clamshell flange designs use an internal and external flange for additional security and improved performance. These 1878 Vault Doors can be secured into an existing door frame using the clamshell flange or, for additional security, using expansion anchors or lag bolts (not included).

The Clamshell Vault flange has a 3-1/2" range adjustment to fit walls with a minimum thickness of 8" to a maximum thickness of 11-1/2". Check with our safe experts before starting your project to ensure you have the correct specs you'll need to install a vault door.