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American Security's BWB2020-D1 wide body cash management safe is perfect for retail or restaurant. The BWB2020-D1 features a 1/2" thick A36 solid steel plate door, a large storage compartment and door-mounted, recessed coin racks.

The bolt detent system keeps the bolts retracted when the door is open, then automatically engages when the door is shut. The BWB2020-D1 has reinforced internal jambs on all four sides as well as a formed high tensile steel body and camb construction to maximize protection against pry and sledgehammer attacks.

The front-load depository is protected by dual "anti-fish baffles" and has a large package capacity of 4" x 9" x 11-1/2". The interior locker is equipped with a heavy 1/4" steel door and single key camlock with two keys.

The BWB2020-D1 is a B-Rated cash handling, cash management, deposit, retail safe. One adjustable shelf is included, offering plenty of room for cash trays or bank bags.


Ext Dimensions 30"H x 20"W x 20"D
Int Dimensions 19"H x 19.75"W x 17"D
Volume 1.77 Cubic Feet
Weight 180 lbs.
Burglar Rating B-Rate

Pictures show the safe in Charcoal Gray with Chrome Hardware.

About the recommended ESLAudit Electronic Safe Lock

  • Large backlit 4-line LCD display
  • Up to 40 users, each configurable with unique privileges
  • 5,000-record audit trail stored inside the safe
  • Audible and visual feedback
  • Supports 4 locks
  • Supports time delay
  • Splash proof keypad
  • Supports armored car bypass
  • Supports holiday schedule
  • 15-minute penalty lockout after four incorrect entries