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AMSEC CFX352020 TL-30X6

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The AMSEC CFX352020 AMVAULT TL-30X6 is a UL certified TL-30X6 burglary protection safe. Boasting a massive 6" thick steel door and a 3" thick body, it's no surprise this safe passed the UL certification where the most sophisticated equipment is used in an attempt to break into the safe.

Theft Protection:

The TL-30X6 rating is a certification issued by Underwriters Laboratories(UL), an independent safety and security organization. TL-30X6 safes are among the highest-rated safes available, designed to withstand sophisticated burglary attacks for up to 30 minutes with a variety of tools like drills, torches, and even explosives. The X6 designation means that this safe provides protection on all six sides (including the top and bottom).

Fire Protection:

This safe offers top of the line fire protection, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1200° for 120 minutes. The interior temperature of the safe will not exceed 350° for the duration of that initial 120 minutes of the fire.

Additional Features:

  • Total door thickness of 6", constructed of a 3" defense barrier of inner and outer steel plates enclosing a heavy-duty interlocking steel barrier.
  • Drill-resistant door frame to prevent from severe side attacks.
  • Proprietary inner barrier to protect against peeling attacks.
  • Six to ten massive 1-1/2" diameter solid steel locking bolts.
  • The lock is protected by a formidable drill-shattering hard plate and two additional spring-loaded devices.
  • Four recessed anchor holes and a 1/2" bolt-down kit to further secure your safe.


Ext Dimensions 41"H x 26"W x 29.25"D
Int Dimensions 35"H x 20"W x 20"D
Volume 8.10 Cubic Feet
Weight 1,946 lbs.
Fire Rating 120 min.

Images show the safe in Charcoal Gray.