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Pinnacle 49

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The Pinnacle 49 might be the smallest of the Pinnacle line of Pro Series safes, but that doesn't mean it's "small". It is classified as a Wide safe, with a significant capacity that can securely store 49 long guns in its interior shelving and door rack. With the adjustable Axis shelving, there are plenty of options to optimize this space in order to store all your firearms, document, jewelry and other valuables, to keep them safe from fire, theft, and whatever unknown threats might come your way.


Dimensions 60"H x 46"W x 27"D
Weight 1440 lbs.
Lock Type S&G Mechanical, Electronic or Biometric
Fire Rating  120 Minute / 1750°
Gun Capacity 49 Total
Body 7 Gauge Steel
Color 12 Options


Accessories Included

  • Axis Shelves (5)
  • High Capacity Barrel Rack (1)
  • Axis Drawer with Multipurpose Insert (1)
  • Axis File Box (1)
  • Pistol Rack (1)
  • Pistol Shelf (1)
  • DPX Door Panel
  • Quick Access Barrel Rack
  • Scope Savers
  • Pistol Pouches
  • Electrical Outlet
  • LED Lighting Package